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The Advantages of Post-Acute Care

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If you’ve recently been discharged from a hospital stay, but aren’t quite ready to resume life at home, post-acute care can help with your transition.

What Is Post-Acute Care?

Post-acute care is care provided for those who’ve recently been discharged from the hospital but still require acute care. This type of care eases the transition from regular hospital care to self-care at home.

Post-acute care is available at long-term hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and skilled nursing facilities. You’ll learn to manage chronic symptoms, utilize rehabilitation services, and restore your maximum daily functions before you return home.

The Benefits Of Post-Acute Care

Medical benefits of post-acute care:

Personal benefits of post-acute care:

  • Daily assistance with tasks like bathing and dressing, if necessary
  • Self-care training
  • Nutrition services
  • Daily visitation hours
  • Family input on your condition and care

Why Is Post-Acute Care Recommended?

Physicians and medical professionals may recommend post-acute care for several reasons, including:

  • Your recovery requires specialized care that can’t be administered at home.
  • Your medical team believes your condition is not stable enough to return home.
  • You require physical, speech, or occupational therapy or other rehabilitation services.
  • You are not comfortable with returning to self-care yet.
  • Your medical condition requires continued monitoring before you return home.

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