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Assisted Living

A Safe and Secure Environment

Seasons Assisted Living community is a safe and secure environment where seniors can go to live a relatively independent lifestyle but also receive support with certain daily activities. These activities may include bathing, dressing, medication administration, mobility and more. Our trained staff members are on hand to help you perform these tasks safely while still respecting your independence. Seasons Assisted Living communities also provide excellent accommodations for seniors, as well as an active and social environment where seniors can meet other people in the same stage of life.

Assisted Living does not provide advanced, round-the-clock medical care, such as treatment for specific conditions like advanced Alzheimer’s. Skilled nursing homes, on the other hand, are designed to house and assist individuals who have health conditions that require constant monitoring and round-the-clock availability of medical personnel. You may not know which level of care you or your loved one needs. That’s not a problem. Our assisted living communities can do an assessment to determine the level of care needed for your situation.

Why Choose Assisted Living?

Assisted living is typically a private pay, rental model that provides help with assistance in activities of daily living, including minor help with medications. In some instances, financial assistance may be available, including a VA aid and attendance benefit for veterans of foreign wars.

Seasons assisted living communities provide senior apartment-style living with all-inclusive amenities. Our properties have a restaurant style dining room and common areas for social and recreational activities. Costs tend to vary according to the level of care required. A nursing staff is typically available twenty-four hours a day.

An assisted living community may be a good choice if:

  • You need more personal care services than are feasible at home or in an independent living retirement community.
  • You need help with some activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing or minor help with taking medications.
  • You need supportive health care but don’t need the around-the-clock medical care and supervision of a nursing home.

Seasons Assisted Living

It can be difficult to decide on the right time to make the move, and the right time varies for each person. Generally, assisted living is ideal for those who need some help in their daily lives, but don’t require advanced medical care.

If you or your loved one finds it challenging to perform daily living tasks, has mobility issues, needs access to medical care, or wants to live in a place that offers social activities with other like-minded seniors, it might be time to try Seasons Assisted Living. At each of our communities, trained staff members can help make the transition easier.

As if it were not enough to have the daunting day to day realities of helping an aging parent — decisions to make, tasks to be done, sorting of financial and legal issues, medical concerns, etc. — the emotional toll can be the most exhausting of all. This also tends to lead to more stress. So, what is a person to do with all of the emotions that accompany this season of life? Well, there are as many answers as there are situations, however, some general principles exist that you can apply to most circumstances. Please contact to allow our professional staff guide you with all these processes.