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Dementia Care

Dementia Progression: What to Expect from Diagnosis to End Stage Dementia

Nearly 50 million people in the world currently have dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common–and the most […]
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treatment of alzheimer's

Medications in the Treatment of Alzheimer’s: What You Need to Know

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can be both devastating and overwhelming for both the patient and their family. Doctors may prescribe different […]
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dementia wandering

Dementia Wandering: Is Your Loved One at Risk of Getting Lost?

You have probably heard of people with dementia wandering the streets, lost and confused, or at least seen such behavior […]
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how to pay for alzheimer's care

How to Ease the Financial Burden of Alzheimer’s Care

Do you have a parent with Alzheimer’s? Are you worried that caring for their Alzheimer’s is going to completely cripple […]
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late-stage dementia

What to Expect from Your Loved Ones During Late Stage Dementia

Dementia currently affects nearly 50 million people worldwide. On average, people who have been diagnosed with dementia live for approximately 10 […]
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dementia behaviors

Dealing with Dementia: What Loved Ones Need to Know About Dementia Behaviors

When a loved one starts showing symptoms of dementia, it’s scary to think that there may come a time when […]
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early signs of dementia

Can Stress Cause Dementia?: Early Signs of Dementia in Your Loved Ones

Are you concerned that a family member is losing their short-term memory? Are they having trouble cooking, paying bills, and […]
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7 stages of dementia

Symptoms, Durations, and Treatment: The 7 Stages of Dementia

If one of your parents was diagnosed with dementia, they have a long road ahead of them. In order for […]
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loneliness is a disease

Loneliness Is a Disease: What You Need to Know About the Link Between Loneliness and Alzheimer’s

Nearly 5.7 million Americans struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Once you learn how loneliness affects Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll be convinced that […]
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alzheimer's test

At-Home Alzheimer’s Test for Early Detection

Who hasn’t walked into a room only to forget why they entered it? Everyone forgets things. Sometimes behaviors related to […]
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