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Better Health and Happiness: Benefits of Alzheimer’s Community Care

benefits of assisted living

When you’re thinking of the best way to care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s, you consider every available option possible.

Some may choose to hire a nurse or caretaker to handle day to day care. Others may choose to move in with their loved one and care for them on their own. 

As the illness progresses, some people may find that their loved one needs more help than they can provide. This is where assisted living can come into play.

It’s estimated that 50% of all people in assisted living facilities have some form of Alzheimer’s. And people considering an assisted living facility for their loved one should know that they can do more than provide basic care for your loved one.

An assisted living can benefit their lives in ways that go beyond making sure they take their medication and stay safe. Once you read about the true benefits of assisted living, you’ll be eager to find a facility for your loved one.

The True Benefits Of Assisted Living

Finding a safe place for your family memeber or loved one is important, but there are a variety of benefits that come from living in a care based community. 

There are a lot of reasons why people choose elderly assisted living for their loved one. Here are some of the reasons why assisted living could be the best choice for you and your loved one.

Comprehensive Full-Time Care

There’s only so much one individual can do to care for someone with Alzheimer’s. 

The most skilled nurse needs to clock out at the end of the day. Live-in caretakers need days off and time to themselves. Even beloved family members will need time to go to work and tend to their own needs. 

One of the major benefits of assisted living facilities is that there are people dedicated to care around the clock. People work in shifts, and there’s always someone around to help. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s late at night, a holiday, or any other reason. Your loved one will always have the care they need. 

Your loved one will also receive the care they need to thrive. There are different levels of care in assisted living facilities. Whether your loved one needs round the clock care or just someone to make sure they’re safe, they’ll get what they need.

A Safe Environment 

The average home isn’t dangerous to you, but it can provide a series of hazards to anyone with Alzheimer’s.

A simple staircase could be a dangerous falling hazard for your parents. A stove and oven aren’t just ways for food to be prepared, they’re now fire hazards for your aunts and uncles. 

Even something as simple as a bunched up rug could present a serious safety risk to your loved one. 

You won’t have to worry about environmental dangers at an assisted living facility. The staff takes special care in making sure that the environment is as safe as possible for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other ailments. 

Active Social Lives

Spending time with friends is something people of all ages can enjoy. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for some people with Alzheimer’s to see their social circles significantly decrease as they age.

Socialization is good for people, and some even think that having a healthy social life can help delay or help some Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Putting your loved one in an assisted living facility gives them the chance to make new friends and spend time with others.

Socializing with new people can keep their minds sharp and also decrease feelings of depression. Seniors that live alone are prone to depression because of the social isolation they face. 

Improved Nutrition 

The old saying goes that you are what you eat, and it turns out that there is some truth that that tried and true platitude. A healthy diet can do wonders for a patient with Alzheimer’s. 

When you’re caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, a lot of your time will spent on their immediate safety and medical needs. A balanced diet with special foods may be too much for you to handle. 

An assisted living facility will be able to provide your loved one with the healthy diet they need to thrive. 

A Focus On Normalcy And Fun

When you’re caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, it can be easy to forget how difficult the transition can be for them. 

Every person with Alzheimer’s used to lead active, healthy, and overall independent lives. Something as simple as moving around the house or eating dinner are now huge chores.

Assisted living facilities are designed to give people the help they need when they need it, but also encourages residents to live their best lives. 

You may not have time to go on an evening stroll after dinner with your loved one, but that wouldn’t be an issue at a care facility. Nobody is “too busy” to tend to your loved one’s needs. 

These facilities will also have a variety of appropriate activities for your loved one to do. They may be active enough to do gentle exercises like aqua aerobics or yoga, or can spend their time doing crafts and puzzles. 

Peace of Mind

Being a caretaker for a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be difficult. You’re concerned about their safety around the clock, and it can be difficult to focus on work, family, and your own social life when you’re worried about them.

One of the biggest benefits of assisted living is the peace of mind it can give loved ones. 

You don’t have to worry about another slip and fall accident, if they’re eating healthy, or if they’ve been taking their medication on time. Everything is taken care of and you know they’ll be safe.

Find Their Ideal Home Today

You know the benefits of assisted living, now is time to find the right facility for your loved one. 

We know where you can find the best senior care in the state. Be sure to contact us so we can talk about the best way to provide care for your loved one. 

While you’re waiting to hear from us, spend time learning about assisted living on our blog. Our post on qualities to look for in assisted living facilities can help you pick the right one for your loved one’s needs.