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Monthly Archives: November 2018

elderly stereotypes

Debunking the Most Common Elderly Stereotypes

The stereotypes of the elderly we see on TV now are absolutely unfair. They show older adults as shut-ins who […]
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when is it time to put a loved one into a nursing home

9 Signs It’s Time to Join an Assisted Living Program

Some people joke about living in a nursing home as they begin to age, but there comes a time when […]
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magnesium deficiency

What Happens if You Have a Magnesium Deficiency?

Did you know the fourth most common mineral in your body is magnesium? It is vital for over 600 different […]
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understanding dementia

Understanding Dementia: Behavioral Warning Signs to Remember

You don’t want to think about your loved one not recognizing you. And when you’re faced with the early stages […]
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what is assisted living

What Should You Expect from an Assisted Living Facility?

For many, assisted living is a fact of growing older and admitting that you could benefit from more help. But […]
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alzheimer's disease

Is Alzheimer’s Disease Preventable? In Some Instances, Yes!

Watching a loved one suffer from a mental decline in their elder years is heartbreaking. Nothing can prepare you for […]
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how to get parents into assisted living

How to Convince Your Elderly Parent to Enter an Assisted Living Facility

Does your mom or dad hate you? Ok, not hate you, but do they resent you for bringing up the […]
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dementia patients

Caregiver’s Guide to Understanding the Behaviors of Dementia Patients

It is estimated that at least 12 million people in the US and Canada suffer from some form of dementia. […]
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