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Elderly Housing 101: What to Know About Assisted Living in Seminole, FL

elderly housing

As the number of elderly people in 24-hour care is set to double in just over 15 years, it’s essential that you find the right care for your loved one now.

Things are likely to become more competitive in the world of elderly housing. Even if it seems like there’s plenty of options in Seminole, FL, waiting a year or two could put you on a waiting list for even the more basic facility.

Here are five things to look for in an assisted living facility in Seminole.

1. Make Sure Staff Is On-site 24/7

When you’re placing your senior into a care facility, you should be relocating them to someplace that is ready for anything. Finding a care facility in Seminole, FL that has round the clock staff is essential to the health and safety of your loved one.

You never know when a medical emergency could arise. Small situations could grow critical if there’s no one close by to help. If your loved one slips and falls, someone on site could help them before they hurt themselves worse trying to get up.

You also don’t know who else could be on site with your loved one. While the community is likely full of kind and friendly people, as some people age, they do things they’d normally not do. Someone could start a fight or get out of hand and put others in danger.

When staff is on site all day and all night, they can defuse a situation before it becomes a problem.

2. Look for a Secure Site

Whether your loved one has a memory issue or not, they only become more common as we age. If your loved one is going to be relocated now, they probably want to find a place where they can stay for years to come. Staying in one place is also good for building and preserving memories.

The only problem is that people with memory issues might develop them without anyone knowing. One day they might wander off and get lost if they’re not being supervised. The Seminole, FL housing community should have fairly tight security to ensure they don’t get lost or hurt.

If necessary, there should be a building that’s created specifically for people with memory problems. They should be able to move to that nearby location if they don’t start off there.

Ideally, the site should be secure from day one so they don’t need to be relocated if problems arise.

3. The Environment Should Be Active

For good health and a stronger memory, the housing facility you choose should be active. Even if there’s no recreation facility on site, there should be regular trips organized to bring community members to one. Every day should have the choice of an activity to participate in.

Your loved one deserves options, so there should be more than just one type of event to participate in. Some elderly housing facilities will put bare minimum effort into keeping residents active. Your loved one deserves better than that.

There should be yoga for people of all abilities, group events, and mentally stimulating activities. Residents should be encouraged to talk about the events they go to.

In addition to the standard rainy day board game events, there should be opportunities to see art, start book clubs, and build things. Everyone has different needs as they age. And the more variety they can explore, the better they can find something that brings them joy.

4. They Deserve Privacy

While the community is important in an elderly housing facility, residents also deserve to have privacy. They should have the option to choose to have a roommate or not. If someone has a serious illness, they may wish to deal with it on their own, in private, without sharing that personal information with others.

They also deserve the dignity of being able to care for themselves for as long as they’re able. Rather than having to dress, shower, and use the bathroom with an audience they should have the opportunity to do these things alone. Everyone deserves dignity as they age.

When you visit, you probably want to be able to have private conversations about sensitive subjects. When talking about issues with their health, their estate, or their family, they should have access to a private place to talk. Rather than being forced to share their private concerns with anyone, they deserve control over their own space.

5. It Should Be Easy to Visit

If you’re going to be helping to take care of your loved one or paying for them to stay at a facility, it should be easy for you to drop by to visit them. If there’s too much security or if the security staff is disorganized, they can make visiting loved ones a hassle.

If you work full time, you might not be able to visit your loved one during the week if the visitor hours run from 9 AM to 5 PM. You need hours to be flexible and reasonable. When visiting on the weekend, things can be hectic, and you might not be able to get the privacy you need to.

There should also be a flexible schedule for checking your loved ones out if they’re in for long-term care or in a secure facility. They should be able to stay out overnight or for long extended holidays without too much hassle. If you can’t go on vacation with your loved one, you might miss out on making some important memories as a family.

Elderly Housing Should Be a Positive Transition

Making the jump to an elderly housing facility can be challenging for loved ones. Some might feel offended or be frustrated with even having to consider one. If you treat your elderly loved one with reverence, respect, and straightforward honesty, you can ensure the transition goes smoothly.

When having serious conversations with your loved one, make sure you follow our guide to managing their mental health.