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7 Things You Never Knew About Assisted Living Homes in Clearwater, FL

assisted living homes

Choosing an assisted living home for yourself or for another member of your family is an important decision. We all want to make sure that the seniors in our lives are properly cared for on a daily basis. But how can you know that they will receive the care they need?

Assisted living homes are ideal for older loved ones who need 24-hour support that family simply can’t provide. Yet many people aren’t familiar with senior assisted living facilities. Let’s take a look at some things that can help give you greater peace of mind when the time comes.

7 Things You Never Knew About Assisted Living Home in Clearwater, FL

We’re going over 7 things you never knew about assisted living homes. If you’re looking at assisted living facilities in Clearwater, FL, read more here.

1. Assisted Living Isn’t the Same as a Nursing Home

Many people have the false impression that assisted living facilities are no different than nursing homes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Assisted living is designed to allow seniors to maintain normal daily activities as much as possible. The goal of an assisted living facility is to offer as much individual independence as possible. And yet there are typically nurses on-call 24 hours a day to help with any medical issues that might arise.

This is very different from old-fashioned nursing homes where residents typically live a very sedentary existence and often rarely leave their beds.

2. Not All Assisted Living Facilities are Equal

Every company that offers assisted living services is different. Thus it’s vital to tour each facility before transitioning your senior loved one to their new home sight-unseen.

As with any business, there is a wide range of quality across the industry. Price can often be a determining issue. After all, you often get what you pay for. You should always keep this in mind when the price seems too good to pass up. Attempting to save a few dollars isn’t always the best option.

A higher price often means the facility offers a great number of activities, better food, and an overall better level of care.

3. Many Facilities Let You Keep Your Pets

Although each facility is different, with its own policies and restrictions, pets are often allowed to live with the residents. This can be a huge comfort when moving to a new place to live. Pets provide a great deal of comfort and love that is good for the mental and physical health of a senior.

4. Assisted Living Offers Social Interaction

One of the primary advantages of assisted living is the social aspect. Social activities are a vital part of the assisted living experience. These facilities encourage and facilitate social interaction between the residents.

Being social is great for mental health, and as seniors age they have a tendency to withdraw and resist social interaction, causing both mental and physical health to deteriorate. Thus it’s important to get them talking, laughing, and enjoying the company of those around them with similar interests.

Social interaction might include such activities as group outings, special meals, holiday parties, as well as a variety of fun outdoor activities.

5. Each Community Has Its Own Personality

It’s likely a popular misconception that every assisted living facility is the same cookie cutter experience with the same personality. And yet the truth is that each community is not only operated differently, but the staff that works at each brings their own personalities to the job, creating unique living environments.

This is another reason why it can be so important to visit a number of potential facilities to see which one might be the best fit for your loved one. Each community has its own style, list of activities, and will appeal to certain people and not so much to others.

It’s not all about price or choosing a fancier community as much as just what feels comfortable so that the senior feels right at home once they have moved in.

6. Residents Can Set Their Own Daily Schedules

Just because a senior is moving into an assisted living community doesn’t mean they have to give up the daily routine they’ve grown accustomed to. This provides tremendous comfort and a feeling of freedom and independence.

Many seniors are typically creatures of habit. Thus, their routines are very important to them. It’s vital that your loved one not feel as though their way of life has been stripped away.

In fact, the purpose of an assisted living community is to not take away anything, but rather to enable them to go on with life as normal, with the addition of a little extra help from caregivers.

This feeling of independence is important for self-esteem, which in turn helps promote good mental health.

7. Assisted Living Communities Are More Affordable Than You Might Imagine

It’s very understandable that many families become stressed at the notion of how to pay for a senior loved one’s care. Thus the thought of considering an assisted living community might seem impossibly expensive.

Yet assisted living is often not nearly as expensive as you think. There are many factors that impact price, but it’s actually much more affordable than many people imagine. And there are ways to help pay for this care, including insurance.

We recommend that you contact a number of facilities in your area to discuss availability and payment options. You will likely be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll learn. And once you have the facts you’ll be in a better position to make a number of important decisions regarding your loved one.

Getting the Best Care for Those You Love

Aging isn’t easy for anyone, but assisted living homes can help make the process more comfortable and far less stressful. Families want the best for their loved ones, and senior assisted living communities provide the peace of mind you desire.

Take the time to shop around and visit facilities in your area, compare pricing, and decide what kind of community would best serve your needs.

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