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5 Exercises You Can Do To Keep Your Mind Active

Moderate memory loss is a typical sign of aging. But that doesn’t mean you and your loved ones can’t go out of your way to improve your memory and boost your cognitive skills.

Consider the following five exercises you can use to help keep your mind sharp, prevent memory loss, and increase mental activity.

  1. Stay physically active. Exercising may not have sounded like fun when you were younger, which means it probably sounds even less fun now. But exercising your body helps to increase your brain’s cognitive functioning by boosting the amount of oxygen to your brain. Fortunately, there are some non-strenuous, low-impact workouts you can do to keep your brain and body active like swimming, dancing, and going on neighborhood walks.
  2. Cook up a storm in the kitchen. There’s nothing quite as fun as cooking with friends and family. Cooking can also introduce you to new smells, tastes, and touches. Our senses are closely related to the mind’s ability to learn and remember, which means cooking can boost your cognitive functioning.
  3. Plant something new in the garden. Just like cooking, being in the garden and smelling the flowers can also help to improve your cognitive functioning because it exposes you to new sights, smells, and feelings. When the weather is warm, weed the garden and prune the roses. Once the weather gets cold, wrap your roses and other flowers in burlap to keep the cold from hurting them.
  4. Play memory recall games. Even the sharpest of people can forget what they need at the store if they accidentally leave the grocery list at home. But you can improve your brain’s recall ability by playing memory recall games. Consider leaving your grocery list in your pocket as your shop to see just how much of the list you can remember on your own. You can still check the list if you need to before you leave the store.
  5. Learn to paint or play an instrument. Learning a new hobby is a great way to socialize, feel motivated, and boost your brainpower at any age. Consider learning to paint or play the guitar.